Resident Election Registration Board (RERB)
Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
Budapest, Hungary

Notice of Hearing

All Filipinos in Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of Moldova are hereby informed that the Resident Election Registration Board (RERB) of the Philippine Embassy in Budapest will conduct its hearing in order to approve/disapprove overseas voter applications, including consideration of any objection received, on Monday,11 May 2015 .


The RERB will conduct its hearing on Monday18 May 2015 at the Philippine Embassy, 1026 Budapest, Gabor Aron ut. 58, Hungary, 

In compliance withRepublic Act No. 10590 "An ActR.A. 9189 Providing for a System of Overseas Absentee Voting by Qualified Citizens of the Philippine Abroad, Appropriating Funds


Therefor and for Other Purposes," please find attached the list of new Overseas Voter applicants who have filed their applications at the Embassy or through mobile OV Registration during the period 01 September 201430 April 2015 .


Should there be objection to any particular application, it is requested that this be put in writing, indicating the reason/s for the objection, and address it to the Philippine Embassy’s RERB on or before11 May 2015 .


The RERB will inform the public of the results of the hearing which shall be posted on the Embassy bulletin board and in the Embassy website.