Amba Thai

Ambassador Frank R. Cimafranca 🇵🇭 calls on Mr. Bhakavat Tanskul, Ambassador of Thailand 🇹🇭 in Budapest, 03 March 2021


Amba and Korea

Courtesy visit of H.E. Ambassador Chul Min Park (Republic of Korea) to the Philippine Embassy on 23 February 2021 🇵🇭 🇰🇷




Amba water

 Ambassador Frank R. Cimafranca visits the Hungarian Water Technology Corporation (HWTC) and was welcomed by Mr. Adrián Kiss, the company’s CEO, and his team. 🇵🇭🇭🇺


water amba 2


water amba 3


Amba with Papal Nuncio

H.E. Ambassador Frank R. Cimafranca 🇵🇭 calls on H.E. Mons. Michael A. Blume, Apostolic Nuncio 🇻🇦 and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Hungary 🇭🇺


Amba with Indonesia

Ambassador Frank R. Cimafranca 🇵🇭 calls on Ambassador A.H Dimas Wahab of the Indonesian Embassy 🇮🇩 in Budapest


Amba with Malaysian

 Ambassador Frank R. Cimafranca 🇵🇭 called on Ambassador Cheong Loon Lai of the Malaysian Embassy 🇲🇾 in Budapest


Viet Amba

H.E. Ambassador Frank R. Cimafranca 🇵🇭 called on Vietnamese Ambassador to Hungary, H.E. Ambassador Tien Thuc Nguyen 🇻🇳





Amba Toth

Ambassador Frank R. Cimafranca 🇵🇭 and Ambassador Titanilla Tóth 🇭🇺




  Ambassador Frank R. Cimafranca presents his accreditation letters to Hungarian President János Áder

Ambassador Frank R. Cimafranca presented his credentials to the President of Hungary, H.E. János Áder, as Ambassador of the Philippines to Hungary on 20 January 2021. 

Aside from Amb. Cimafranca, the ambassadors of Latvia, Tunisia, Romania, and South Korea also presented their respective credentials to President Áder.


After all the five ambassadors handed over their credentials, President Áder invited them for a short informal discussion. All of them were standing and observed social distancing protocols. The discussion mainly focused on the ongoing pandemic. The President asked each ambassador how their respective countries are dealing with COVID-19 at the moment. The President also mentioned that the current restrictions in place in Hungary will likely stay for a few more months as they are dealing with issues related to vaccines. He further added that perhaps the situation would be more stable in the 3rd quarter of 2021. The Hungarian Government is prioritizing procurement of vaccines. The brief conversation between the President and the five ambassadors lasted for about 30 minutes. Prior to departing for the second part of the official activities, the wreath-laying ceremony, all ambassadors were requested to sign the Book of Distinguished Guests.


Ambassador Frank R. Cimafranca signing the Book of Distinguished Guests

As a departure from the usual presentation of credentials due to the ongoing pandemic, only the Ambassador was allowed to meet the President. His family and Embassy personnel were only allowed to witness the wreath laying ceremony at Hősök tere or Heroes' Square (where the founding Magyar chieftains and all the heroes who died protecting Hungary throughout its history are honored).

The second part of the official activities related to the presentation of credentials is a wreath laying ceremony at the renowned Hősök tere or Heroes’ Square.



Honor Guard carrying the wreath


Ambassador Cimafranca in Heroes Square



Ambassador Cimafranca with Madam Lucila Cimafranca and their daughter, Francesca Maria